080: {Fall Catchup}

Andrea talks about her trip to S. Korea and Japan with her kids and her experience playing tourist in her home country. Tyler gives an update on grad school courses. Tyler and Andrea discuss the best and worst parts of interviewing candidates for jobs.

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079: {Summer Catchup}

Tyler & Andrea are back after the longest hiatus for Urban Therapists…welcome to part 1 of a few catchup episodes. There’s a lot of talk about new things, new people, what they’ve been up to, and travels that have occurred since August.

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078: {Summer Updates, Performers vs Music Therapist, & a BWCA Adventure}


Andrea & Tyler give a little update on how summer is going. Andrea talks about the wonderful performance put on by her co-owner, Lydnie Walker’s ToneRocks group. Tyler poses a question about working with a client who volunteers as a music performer vs a music therapist coming in. Andrea talks about her adventure in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Andrea & her brother, Andrew, cover “I’m Yours” this week.

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077: {Parenting Transfers, Creative Funding, & Behavioral Contracts}

Alabama Shakes

Tyler gives listeners an update on how his team, the MN Twins have been playing this season. Andrea & Tyler run through two episodes of topics including transfers from ABA and MT to home life. Andrea gives an update about how Toneworks brainstorms creative funding options to bring to administrators and teachers. Tyler is planning a trip to the Cities & Andrea talks about the hipsterville that was the Alabama Shakes concert at Hall’s Island. Tyler talks about behavioral contracts and how he uses them with clients and even himself.

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076: {Special Interests, Behavioral Momentum, & Headphones}


Andrea & Tyler discuss the quirks that everyone has in the form of special interests. Andrea talks about her experience making costumes for and attending St. Paul Comicon. Tyler shares some of his ABA techniques and how to use Behavioral Momentum & Positive Practice and how music therapists may incorporate these techniques into practice. Tyler talks wired and bluetooth headphones, his current favorite pair HERE.

074: {GLR Recap, Concerts, & Positive Practice}


After a long hiatus, Tyler & Andrea are back for episode 074. They dive into a recap of Tyler’s presentation at GLR and Andrea’s experience on the planning committee. Tyler reviews the Sufjan show he attended recently and talks about his experience using positive practice in ABA sessions.

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073: {East Side, Interns, & Musical Skills vs Clinical Skills}

ward 6

Andrea talks about her mommy adventures, going to climbing club with her kids, and new places to eat and drink in the East Side of St. Paul. Tyler’s been enjoying the early Spring in Chicago. Andrea is excited to have Toneworks’ first intern starting this summer. Tyler and Andrea discuss roles of undergrad/grad ed, practicum supervisors, and internship supervisors in balancing focus on improving clinical and musical skills. Tyler shares a little more about his new work doing in home ABA therapy, working towards his BCBA certification.

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072: {Unexpected Awkward, Metromile, & Nicknames}


Tyler is on the move…a few miles away, that is and he is looking forward to playing & singing duets with friend of the podcast, Amanda Clay at their school auction. Andrea ponders the greatness that is Trader Joe’s and being a control freak about grocery bagging. Tyler gives a quick review of the new Sufjan Steven’s album (this ep’s song: No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross is off of it). Tyler is a driver now and chats about the benefits of getting insurance through Metromile. Andrea bemoans the lack of pain tolerance that naturally accompanies aging. Andrea has a new nickname from a new client, “Tandrea”.

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