029: {AMTA Wrap Up, Rachel See, & Catching Fire}


This week’s episode is live from AMTA 13 in Jacksonville, FL. Tyler and Andrea discuss their experience at AMTA 13. Tyler talks about the great fun he is having teaching adaptive pianos lessons using “My First Piano Adventures“. Tyler and Andrea are joined by the wonderful Rachel See, MM, MT-BC from Music Therapy Services of AustinMusic Therapy Mailings, & MT Guitar Coach. Rachel See gave an information packed session about How to be an #AwesomeMT Online at AMTA 13 so find her on Twitter here. Also, if you want to see the hilarious 80’s lion pose video Rachel references, click HERE. Listen in for Rachel’s top 3 podcast picks! Tyler shares his version of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” from the Music Therapy in the Digital Age: Podcasting, Music Recording, & Mixing presentation at AMTA 13.

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