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Tyler interviews one of his co-workers, Kate Vincent, who has her MSW and works with the students at the same therapeutic day school as Tyler. Andrea and Tyler talk about how family systems come into play in each of their work settings. Andrea talks about brewing fermented beverages that use SCOBY’s (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) and simmering bone broths for days to improve gut health. Tyler reviews coffee beans that have been aged in a whiskey barrel.

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051: {Fargo, Ask Urban Therapists, & Allergies}


Tyler fully recommends Fargo, the TV show to listeners. Andrea & Tyler discuss the pros of getting other professionals in to attending national and regional music therapy conferences. Tyler & Andrea give advice on pitching a music therapy position to a therapy service company from their point of view. Tyler shares about the wonderful day that is Bike the Drive in Chicago. Andrea shares the woes of cooking allergy free and Tyler has a positive rule of thumb regarding healthy eating. Andrea shouts out some fun clean dance song ideas from Songs for Success.

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050: {Sriracha cooking, Three Piggy Opera, and Fried RAM}


Andrea describes her love of all things spicy; Tyler laments fried RAM inside Macbook Pro;Andrea talks about her family attending Spring Con 2014; The pair somehow get onto the topic of Care Bears and silly GIFs; Andrea talks about some of her latest students’ recitals; Tyler explains the process of performing an opera in an all ASD school; Tyler exclaims his satisfication with the social media service Meetup; Tyler shares a new demo for Emma’s birthday.

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019: Roberts on Hospice Music Therapy; Beerfest; Homemade Digeridoo; Lake of the Woods


In this new feature, Andrea Yun-Springer interviews Anna Roberts about her experience in the hospice industry as a music therapist; Andrea explains to Tyler Hogan why young adult fiction is where it’s at; Tyler learns about St. Paul Beerfest; Andrea shares how difficult it is to play homemade digeridoo; Tyler shares a new song off his upcoming album, “Minnesota”. We’d love it if you leave us a rating and review on iTunes, send us any questions to, and follow Andrea on Twitter.

Episode 019 on Liberated Syndication

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004: Chicago is Great, Emails are Great, Korean Dramas are Best

Andrea and Tyler go into the trenches with listener emails (thanks everyone!), Chicagoland, and Korean dramas. What Bon Iver song will Tyler and Andrea cover this week? You’ll just have to listen to find out! Andrea is now an MT-BC and Tyler talks about how performing job duties while completing an interview is the great equalizer against experience.

Episode 4

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