071: {Music Therapy Mom Problems, Volunteering, & Bloom’s Taxonomy}


Andrea describes her Tiger mom-ish ways, emphasis on the ish for some music therapy mom problems of starting kids in music lessons. Tyler updates listeners on the shows he’s been catching up on. Tyler & Andrea discuss the merits of colored dot notation in adaptive lessons. Andrea brings up some pros and cons of music therapists and music therapy interns/students volunteering services. Tyler and Andrea discuss Bloom’s Taxonomy and how it fits in with goal writing and assessment in music therapy.

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070: {#Whole30, 2 Yr Anniversary, & Metro Music Therapy}

metro mt

Andrea talks whole 30 and what #SWYPO means to a whole 30er. Tyler and Andrea celebrate 2 yrs of podcasting together! Tyler shares how his second journey into grad school is going. Andrea interviewed a few of Metro Music Therapy’s music therapists during AMTA and they discuss the awesome resources of Metro Music Therapy Academy & Metro Music Therapy Pay Per. Find Metro Music Therapy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Metro Music Therapy Academy!

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069: {Pricing, ABA, & Holidaze}


Andrea & Tyler discuss Kat Fulton’s 6 Things to Stop Doing in 2015 and their thoughts on how these 6 things apply to their settings as a employed and self-employed music therapist. Andrea talks about the issue of pricing music therapy sessions and the reality of competing with other private practices for clients. Tyler shares about his new journey into the world of ABA. Tyler & Andrea re-cap their holiday fun.

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068: {Gift Giving, Winter Concerts, & Joann Jordan Pt II}


Tyler & Andrea start the ep off with a discussion about “The Interview” and her familial connection to present day North Korea. Andrea admits she’s a terrible gift giver. Tyler chats about how to oversee winter concerts so there are successful transitions and performances. Joann Jordan talks more about intergenerational music therapy groups in the second half of her interview with the Urban Therapists.

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067: {North Loop, Warm Grape Salad, & JoAnn Jordan}


Evidence of YarnBombing Mentioned in Episode 067! 

Tyler chats about some gastronomic adventures in the North Loop on his recent visit back to Minneapolis. Andrea rants against the NY Times recipe that suggested that Minnesotans eat warm grape salad. Tyler & Andrea re-hash Mockingjay Part I, Thanksgiving meals, lightning deals on Amazon, & yarn bombing. Andrea answer’s Tyler’s question for MTBOs on handling variable income during holidays, sick days, etc. Tyler & Andrea interview JoAnn Jordan about her experiences as a music therapist (find her e-book “Sparking Lives Through Themes & Music – Intergenerational Edition” and her new project: Session Cafe).

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015: {Brain Tuning, Running, & Peer Supervision}

We have a few episodes that we’re still moving over to the new rss feed so enjoy our re-release of 015!


Welcome to Episode 015! Andrea shares what she learned during the Music Therapy Association of MN’s Spring Conference on Brain Tuning. Tyler & Andrea reminisce about “The Economist’s Guide to Parenting” episode of the Freakonomics podcast. Andrea talks about how she had a blast at peer supervision group with wonderful music therapy colleagues. Tyler advocates for the benefits of outdoor running in Chicago. Tyler & Andrea discuss creepy google searches that pop-up and auto-correct fails on smart phones and tablets. Tyler tells all about setting up his retirement account and a few little splurges to balance all of that responsibility. Tyler & Andrea share a song by Bob Dylan and covered by Sufjan Stevens, “Ring Them Bells”.

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066: {Mockingjay, Special Performers, & Spectrum Creative Arts Pt 2}


Lyndie joins Andrea as a guest co-host this episode. They chat Mockingjay Part 1, Graze boxes, and an actual important upcoming topic, the Great Lakes Region Music Therapy Conference which will be held in Minneapolis in April of 2015. Andrea and Lyndie talk about how beautiful the last sensory friendly concert was for the professional performers and the guest performers. The episode ends with the last part of the interview with Noa & Megan of Spectrum Creative Arts!

*Errata: The Nuerodiversity, Community Music Therapy, and Sensory Friendly Concerts CMTE plugged in this episode is actually offered through Music Therapy & Neuro Ed.

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064: {OITNB Recipes, #AMTA14 Preview, & Harmony Resource}


Lyndie Walker joins Andrea as a guest host on this episode of Urban Therapists. They chat about weird dreams and the Orange is the New Black cookbook. Andrea talks about her AMTA 2014 presentations with Lyndie on the topic of grants for music therapists [11/9 1030-1130am] and using garageband in music therapy with Tyler Hogan [11/9 915-1015am]. Lyndie tells tales of how music therapists that change their hair could throw off a group of little ones! Andrea talks about a new resource, Harmony Resource, for music therapists working in mental health settings. Also, Andrea shares a tip from friend of the podcast, Jen Hicks, for helping clients with anxiety get settled into the group space.

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